Nix Otter Logo Art

I played around with img2img diffusion for a second and it spit out out this pretty nice logo variation.
Just putting this here in case anyone wants to use it.

png version


Could you outline your process a bit?

I should say the link to the png version isn’t really working. It is linking to a jpeg that doesn’t exist.

For inference on NixOS I first tried stable-diffusion.cpp.
It works fine but It’s missing the highres latent upscaler that is essential for higher quality images.
My current solution is running stable-diffusion-webui-docker.
For the image i posted i took the dark NixOS logo and fed it into img2img mode with a prompt for something like “otter, logo, animal, cute”.

Why an otter, though? It’s not among the current release codenames (23.05 Stoat, 23.11 Tapir, 24.05 Uakari).

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