Nix Postman package is broken

Hi All,

I was facing error while trying to install postman package using nix-shell -p postman

Getting below error:

curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404
error: cannot download postman-10.18.6.tar.gz from any mirror

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Hi, welcome to NixOS discourse!

There is already a lengthy discussion on GitHub regarding this issue:

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Thanks @APCodes for the link.

You’re welcome! Depending on your needs to can also try alternatives to Postman, since that seems to be hard to get to work at the moment. Insomnia and Bruno come to mind. They are both in nixpkgs.

Edit: From reading the discussion on GitHub it seems someone created an overlay to pull in the older Postman file from … which is an idea I wouldn’t have had immediatly, but might work after all :slight_smile:

So that would be the way to go if you really need Postman an nothing else.

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Sure @APCodes, thank again for mentioning alternatives. I can try those as well if it serves my purpose.