Nix-related domains that I control

It can sometimes be difficult to know who has access to what in the Nix ecosystem. In an effort to be transparent, below is a list of nix-related domains that I currently rent.

If you also have some of your own, I welcome you to join this thread. Other discussion related to those domains will be split into individual threads.

My intent is not to hog those domains. I have looked for a registrar that supports shared ownership and didn’t find one so far. If you have good use for them, I am happy to share.

That’s all! How about you?


I saw was available recently, at a hefty premium unfortunately.

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Please don’t tempt me, I already have enough domains! :grin:


/cc @grahamc @andir @fpletz more?

If anyone knows of a domain registrar that supports joint ownership I would be very grateful.

There’s, not sure who controls it though. now redirects to


According to Nixpkgs PR progress tracker, the only content on that domain is by Alyssa Ross

I have a totally empty - would be happy transfer ownership to the foundation if it can be put to any use.