Nix-review: 1.0.0


I made some improvements over the weekend to nix-review

  • use nix build instead of nix-build -> now you get a progress bar
  • writes per-build log in the current working directory
  • symlinks the builds in the current working directory
  • detects & deduplicates package aliases
  • markdown reports
  • filter builds by regex
  • generate nix expression files that can be build by the user
  • fix large rebuilds where package names where to large to be passed directly to nix-shell


Thanks for writing nix-review @Mic92.

Anyone that is doing frequent PR reviews, I recommend to use this tool to check PRs thoroughly.

@Mic92 one this that is missing in the README: what is the recommended way of installing nix-review?


I extended the installation section:
The recommend way is to use the nixpkgs package.
I might backport the current release in a few days or so back to 18.09 so we all get the same results.


Thanks for this indeed. More (good) tooling is always nice. :slight_smile:

I admit I still use nox-review quite often and should be using nix-review more in the near future.
But sometimes I testbuild a PR on a different machine where I don’t necessarily have dev tools installed and a fresh checkout of nixpkgs. So I grew fond of nox-review pr XXXXX doing everything for me. :slight_smile:

EDIT: aaaand I’m just now discovering that I can in fact do the same thing with nix-review >;<


I could add a home-manager style of bootstrapping nix-review. At the moment it still depends on a nixpkgs checkout too. Personally I switched to remote builders to start builds my laptop but not overheat it with builds, but this requires a good uplink at times.


Should this also be used instead of nox-review for people who have created prs? If so, a mention in the PR template might be in order.


There is nox-review wip aquivalent yet, that works on uncommited changes. The closest is nix-review rev HEAD that compares the current commit with nixos master. To be faster then nox-review also some sort of cache would be nice to not evaluate the same commit twice, when trying a rebuild.


I added zsh completion to nix-review in nix-zsh-completions. Will complete -p pac<tab> and git branches in addition to giving options and descriptions.