Nix & Rust Meetup in Heidelberg, Germany - April 29

The third meetup of our local Nix & Rust meetup group is scheduled for Monday, April 29, in Heidelberg, Germany. It takes place at the Mathematikon (Im Neuenheimer Feld 205) in room 2/103 (center of the second floor).

The meetup is organized through the regional Mobilizon instance: Nix Your Bugs & Rust Your Engines #3 - Mobilizon. Please sign up if you plan on attending so we can make sure there is enough space for all participants.

The Nix talk is still pending, we will fall back to a Nix Q&A session, trying to help with problems and questions that the meetup participants have encountered while using Nix or NixOS.

As Rust talk we will hear “Procedural Macros for Network Programming (and everything else)” by Moritz Gutfleisch:

Procedural macros allow executing functions that produce Rust syntax at compile time. They allow for very sophisticated code generation and can drastically reduce boilerplate and redundancies. We’ll look at how these macros can be used to make dissecting and handling network packets significantly more convenient to motivate them. Then, we’ll learn how to write them and what tools the Rust ecosystem provides us to do so.

If you have any questions or would like to speak at our meetup, feel free to send us an email at or contact us on Mastodon at We also have a Matrix room:

You can find a recording of our previous meetup on Nix Your Bugs & Rust Your Engines #2 – alugha (PeerTube mirror: Nix Your Bugs & Rust Your Engines #2 - tchncs).