Nix Software Center: gtk4/libadwaita app store for nixpkgs

Nix Software Center is a graphical app store for Nix built with libadwaita, GTK4, and Relm4. Heavily inspired by GNOME Software.


  • Install packages to configuration.nix (via nix-editor)
    • Flakes support can be enabled in the preferences menu
  • Install packages with nix profile or nix-env (currently used method is detected)
  • Show updates for all installed packages
  • Search for packages
  • Launch applications without installing via nix-shell and nix run


  • non-NixOS: Currently only works on NixOS, but I plan to add support for non-NixOS nix in the near future
  • home-manager: Currently for user package installation only nix-env and nix profile are supported.
  • Channel and flake input management
  • Improve appstream metadata generation
  • Improve overall stability


Hosted by Flying Circus.