Nix: The Breaking Point


took me a hot minute to find, but the author is @jakehamilton


Not really sure what the point of this article is. As someone who uses Nix daily, but otherwise absent from the community, this article seems to be written specifically for people familiar with certain events, yet these events are not described in any meaningful detail.

The NixOS Foundation refuses to admit its failures and instead asserts certain undesirable actions as acceptable.

What are the failures? After reading this article, I have no better knowledge of the supposed problem than before I read it.

In doing so, those who disagree will have no choice but to remove themselves from the now permanently hostile environment.

No specific examples of hostility given. Did someone disagree with you? Were they insistent? Did they call you a bad name?

People agree and disagree, come and go. I don’t think people moving on from a community to pursue more satisfying works elsewhere is never a good thing or always a bad thing.

Nix will retain only contributors accepting of these actions.

Again, I can’t tell which “actions” are being accepted and whether I should be appalled or indifferent.

All other contributors will either leave Nix entirely or collaborate on a fork. Nix will have competition by way of those who care.

Then that is what will happen. Whether that’s a bad thing will be determined after by whether Nix moves on or falls apart.

If this is a call for help or assistance from the general community, its lack of specifics and complete use of generalization–that can be further “misinterpreted” by ignorant individuals such as myself–make this a wasted effort.

Not sure why this was posted in the Nix monthly newsletter. If it’s not for me or anyone else to know the specific situations that prompted this article, so that we might make an informed decision on the matter, then why waste our time with it?


Seems like the author is forking off: - an alternative to the Nix ecosystem