Nix Wheels, because Nix is 'wheelie good'. [AS SEEN ON YOU TUBE]

Print them , Give them to your friends.

Make a PR.

Nix wheels, because why reinvent the wheel (unix) when you can have a better one with nixos

If you need them making and want one sent to you, then all profits will be donated to the nix foundation. We cannot guarantee that you will be sent a lemon however.

The entire thing was made with nixos, using blender on nixos, the video was edited and rendered in nixos too…

Its open source, share and enjoy.

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What is this x)

What does that mean…?
Did you declaratively setup a edit / render job in Nix? :thinking::eyes:


Nix is how we roll


corrections … i get nix and nixos confused.

@bew Actually, while it is mostly bash, the rendering (I’m the creator of the video) is done using a nix-shell.

Thus, it is actually a declarative render-job.

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