Nix-workspaces: Reproducible workspaces using Nix modules


I seen Devenv: Fast, Declarative, Reproducible, and Composable Developer Environments
and figured I might share a similar tool I’ve been using for years.

Devenv seems a lot more elaborate and is probably the best choice. But nix-workspaces still has some advantages:

  • no flakes: I use flakes in my system configuration but I appreciate that all my workspaces are built using the same version of nixpkgs used to build my system.
    It’s up to the user to wrap this into a flake.

  • simplicity: I have not spent a lot of time at all on making it easy to use.
    Instead, it is made simple and versatile. The goal is reproducibility, not convenience.

  • one config: every workspaces are defined in the same place and built at the same time.
    It’s possible to share configuration between them.

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