Nix-wrangle: manage nix sources and dependencies with ease

Announcing the initial release of nix-wrangle. I’ve been working on it (and using it myself) for a while, and I think it’s now ready for a public release!

What is it?

Well, for the full details you should click through to the readme, but to give a general idea, nix-wrangle is useful for:

  • easily adding nix dependencies which aren’t part of nixpkgs
  • updating dependencies to a new version, or to the latest commit on a branch
  • managing a pinned nixpkgs dependency
  • building local derivations with a src that tracks working git changes, but not ignored files
  • building against a local copy of a dependency before pushing it
  • maintaining an upstream nix expression which can be included in nixpkgs proper

If any of those features sound useful to you, please check it out! Happy to answer any questions here :slight_smile:

It has some overlaps with niv, and nix-flakes. There’s a section in the readme discussing the differences in detail.