NixCon 2018 - 25-27 October in London!

Mark your calendars, we now have a date! And subscribe to this thread for updates.

It was difficult to find a space that is both cheap and in a good location. London is expensive!


Thu 25 October and Fri 26 October - Conference - 100 people
Sat 27 October - Hackathon / Workshop - 78 people

Call for paper

Submit your talk ideas.





Any idea what the ticket pricing will look like?

The tickets will only cover the catering which is around 20 GBP / day (I need to confirm the amount), all the rest is covered by the sponsors.

There will also be an “enterprise” ticket that is more expensive. This is not mandatory and mainly a way to make a donation. I removed this for simplicity reasons.

We want to be inclusive so if you are a student or have trouble paying the tickets for any other reasons, please contact and we can sort this out.

Tickets are now available! NixCon 2018 early bird tickets available!

Reviving a rather old thread just to say thanks to everyone who had a part in organising this and in making it happen. Great selection of topics and speakers, logistics (timetable and AV and food and stuff) seemed to go off without a hitch, and a brilliant atmosphere.


Thanks @telent! It was a lot of fun seeing the result of our work bearing fruits.

This conference wouldn’t have been possible without the sponsors but also many other people who helped in the background. Credits should go to:

  • @flokli and @adisbladis for doing long video calls with me and taking care of many many things
  • @goibhniu who did a terrific job at recording the video conference
  • @gilligan who was a great moderator
  • @megfault and @andir who took care of the registration desk
  • Christine Koppelt who handed me over many things from last year and showed me that it’s possible to organise a conference
  • my wife who managed to find a conference location near the center of London that doesn’t cost 10k/day to rent!

And many other people who I probably forgot because my memory is terrible.