NixCon 2018 preparation updates


Good meeting today with @adisbladis and @flokli. Some things we talked about:

  • All the NixCon tickets are officially sold. I opened the waiting list in case some sponsors want to release their tickets.
  • The swag is coming along nicely, Coffee mugs and T-Shirts have been ordered by @flokli
  • We discussed food options, how to make things simpler.
  • Cycling (unrelated)


  • @adisbladis and @flokli have this awesome idea to make the NixCon clock turn. They want to investigate if it’s possible to use that as an OBS overlay.
  • @zimbatm and travel / hosting recommendations to the website
  • @zimbatm look at pubs for after-conf events. Should we go to the Barbican on Sunday?

Our next meeting is in two week, same day, same time.

Topic: NixCon 2018 planning
Time: Oct 6, 2018 2:00 PM London

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Last meeting we had @flokli Andi and @adisbladis. We talked about:

  • swag: Mugs have arrived, T-shirts are inbound and @flokli is bringing the stickers.
  • hackday logistics: @adisbladis is bringing UK plugs
  • food: it’s time to send the form out
  • program: one of the speakers need to be replaced
  • and more!

Next meeting is this Saturday, same time:

Sujet : NixCon 2018 planning
Heure : oct. 13, 2018 2:00 PM Londres

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Moving back today’s meeting to 3PM!


On Saturday we ( @adisbladis @flokli and me) talked about:

  • printing the tickets. We’ll be using plastic holders for simplicity.
  • food order. I need to call the venue today.
  • finding a place for the conference pub event
  • getting more cables from Shenzen :slight_smile:
  • A/V and placeholder slides
  • and more!

Next meeting is next Saturday, same time:

Zoom decided that I speak French now.


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Sujet : NixCon 2018 planning
Heure : oct. 20, 2018 2:00 PM Londres

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I’m going to do my best to attend the meeting tomorrow (sorry for missing them all up to now!). I’m curious about the cycling discussion too, as I’ll be bringing my bike and I’m wondering if it’s easier to cycle to the venue with my trailer and all the video gear, or to bring my trailer on the tube at that hour. I’m mainly worried about getting stuck in the tube vs. having my bike stolen. Talk to you then!


There will be some space outside in the break area. Hopefully it won’t rain!