NixCon 2018 preparation updates

Hey all.

NixCon 2018 is coming along quietly but nicely. We have a room, we have sponsors. We are selling tickets and we have a few key speakers already.

When I first announced NixCon, a lot of people contacted me as they wanted to help. I was both touched that people are willing to give their time for the project, and also dismayed because I didn’t know how to make use of the help. Now that the basic structure is in place, it’s a good time to get more people involved with the project.

If you feel like helping or are just curious about the state of things, Saturday I will be hosting a Hangouts session that is open for everyone to join. I will talk a bit about where we are, what are the things that need to be done, and listen to your ideas.

See you soon!

Saturday, June 23
14:00 – 15:00 BST -

Hangouts link:


For those in different time zones: Check out Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator

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Fixed the Google Calendar and Hangouts links

It’s time for another update!

Call for paper are now closed so we can go over these, talk about the SWAG and others. Everyone is welcome to participate as usual.

See you on Saturday!

Saturday, Aug 04
14:00 – 15:00 BST

Video link: Jitsi Meet

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I guess you meant August the 4th?

Err yes, next Saturday :slight_smile:

Please think about recording (and maybe streaming) for those not being able to come and later reference.


I will try. Youtube has a Hangouts feature but I never tried it before.

Hangouts for streaming hasn’t ever produced a decent experience in my opinion, if you have the time to try it out (something like half an hour to an hour), I highly suggest OBS for both recording and live-streaming, the configuration defaults are quite sane and the advanced options are quite in depth.


I believe that it is about recording the call; not about the conference.

NixCon itself will be streamed like it was last year, using obs.


Let’s try Jitsy, it has a feature to stream to YouTube. The new URL is Jitsi Meet

Recording didn’t work unfortunately. I think I know what the issue is so next time should be fine!

@adisbladis and @flokli were present today and gave a lot of useful feedback on all levels of the preparation.

A quick recap: things are looking good overall! We have a location, enough money from the sponsors and now a lot of talk submissions. We talked about CfP, Swag, Pub events after the talk, the website, food restrictions, …

A few action items that came out of the discussion:

  • send an email to ticket holders / twitter once the program has been published
  • send an email to ticket holders w/ fork about their food restrictions 2 weeks before the conference
  • send an email to speakers to tell them they have been accepted and remind them to buy tickets
  • don’t forget to order a lot of drinks
  • we need volunteers to help hold the desk
  • Swag is still unsolved right now but we are working on a solution
  • find a Bar where we can go to after the conference
  • we want to print Github / Twitter names on the badges
  • add mention to the website that we can sponsor tickets / travel
  • do another meeting next week same place and time!

That’s all for today!

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Next meeting is next Saturday, Aug 11
14:00 – 15:00 BST

Video link: 1

Can we get an option to have Github/IRC names on badges instead of Github/Twitter? I hate my twitter handle (and twitter in general) and seldom ever use it.


We could add IRC, not sure if people who already paid for their tickets can update the info

There seems to be a problem with the certificate (the generic
* sites cert shows up), by the way.

If we work from a custom template for the badges, we can make this work; even if they cannot update, any way to override the data can be figured out.

@ciil this is from last year, I don’t have control on that project unfortunately.

@disassembler added the IRC nick to order forms. You can try and update your order, not sure how.

A quick recap from yesterday’s meeting. I forgot to click the “record meeting” button… Here is a text version:

Participants: @adisbladis, @flokli, @manveru , @LnL7 and me

We talked about food preferences / drinks, swag, video recordings, … Lots of little details which are going to make the difference I think.

We picked the logo for the conference and I added it to the website. This will help us move forward with the swag, video overlays, …
NixCon 2018 logo

We looked at the program and I had a lot of useful inputs. Because we have too many talks we are going to ask some to convert their to a lightning talk so most of them should fit in the program.

Action items (ported to the Trello board ) :

  • Add food preferences to ticket, but first I have to ask the catering company what is available owner @zimbatm
  • Ask the catering company if they can also bring a lot of drinks and water. owner @zimbatm
  • Check that ticket sales are ending 3 weeks before the start of the conference owner @zimbatm
  • Make the OBS config open source so it can be improved upon and re-used next year. owner @goibhniu
  • Update the video overlay with the new logo. owner=???
  • Add the new logo to the website DONE. owner @zimbatm
  • Check if the logo is printable on T-shirts. owner @flokli
  • Contact speakers about the program. owner @zimbatm

Next week I won’t be able to attend the meeting due to travel. The next date will be the 25th of August.

Jitsy wasn’t super reliable so we are going to try another tool,

Topic: NixCon 2018 planning
Time: Aug 25, 2018 2:00 PM London

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I did a nice catch-up with @gilligan today and we talked about organizing another round of video so here it is.

Not this Saturday but the next one.

Topic: NixCon 2018 planning
Time: Sep 22, 2018 2:00 PM London

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