NixCon 2019: Accomodations

Hi everyone,
as there is open questionmarks on accomodation for this years NixCon, i made handy list of possible accomodations including estimated prices below. If any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Hotel Mariott -easily international, same standards, quality… and we made deal with them for better prices
Price: 73 EUR - 1900 CZK
Distance: 9 min by taxi/car; 19 min by TRAM (no. 8); 21 min by walk
Breakfast included

Google Maps
Reservations here

Hotel Slavia - cheaper hotel in center of Brno

Price: 46 EUR - 1190 CZK
Distance: 8 min by taxi/car; 17 min by TRAM (no. 12 or 4) ; 24 min by walk
Breakfast included

Google Maps
Resevations here

Penzion a Ubytovna Expres Atack - cheaper option more for students in mood of hostel, closer to conference space

Price: 23 EUR - 595 CZK
Distance: 4 min by taxi/car; 12 min by BUS (no. 64 or 67) ; 18 min by walk

Google Maps
Resevations here (select “penzionu” option)

Where to find other accomodations:
Airbnb;Booking (already sorted by closest hotels);Couchsurfing;anyone knows of something else?

Which days you plan to come? (for our better organization on place)

  • 25th September
  • 26th September
  • 27th September
  • Will be all days

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Hope it will help for finding the right temporary home there! :slight_smile:
Dont worry to ask here or directly if any questions or uncertainities.


@martyet Thanks for your great list of accomodations!

However, there is a problem with the Hotel Mariott booking link - It is not possible to get through the full booking process.

Best regards

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@martyet Ok sorry - so it seems more like a restriction - you can not book 3 person at once - but have to contact the hotel. Not smart but manageable.

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Man, quickly, there is by default up to 2 peoples per room :slight_smile: included in price. Sooo, you don’t have to book three rooms (if you exactly don’t want to). Yeah, sorry, they are like corporate… Pretty unflexible. Probably can’t fix this with them, but will try :slight_smile:

Thanks for feedback


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    1. 2019, 10:04, Erik Skytthe via NixOS Discourse napsal/a:
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No problem - they are corporate as you write - and we have to adapt to that I think :slight_smile:


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Well, it was only one option for possible booking all 160 people (by capacity) sooo, its really no big deal, but having possibility to book everyone (in worst case) is pretty appreciated :slight_smile:

Wish you nice day!

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Dont forget to book your accomodations as fast, as possible - there is deadline for Mariott hotel till 11 October other hotels could be potentially full, please dont delay your choice :slight_smile:

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