NixCon 2019: In Brno, Czech Republic

That sounds sufficient to me. In 2018 we had 120. I heard there was some demand above and we can expect some growth after one year, but still… double sounds big enough to me.

Two days for talks sounds good to me. I can’t personally anticipate the demand for hackathlon or some other similar formats (like the “unconference”-like we had in Berlin 2015 – uh, so long ago already).

When will tickets go on sale?
I’m just trying to get my schedule in order and hit as many events as possible while I’m traveling in Europe.

Brno sounds absolutely awesome to me! Are the location and dates already set in stone?

Is it weekdays on purpose? In London that was the case due to costs if I recall correctly.

Hi guys!

Awesome, finally some reactions, let’s do this!

We’ve booked a place for up to 160 people, because we’ve thought that the planned max capacity of 250 would scale up the numbers too much - and scaling didn’t look justified judging from not that many reactions to the topic here.

Nothing is set in stone, we just have to move quickly.

At this point, we are talking numbers and whether we wish to have it all arranged for the community members - I mean, the event itself + catering, but acommodation as well + some program for the evenings.

I’ll engange Martyet (Martin Myska) to post up details here - so that we can put something more final together.


Would love to go, but I need to be in town during that exact time-frame =[

Will there be any form of remote attendance component for those of us able to attend electronically rather than physically?

I love that talks have been video recorded and posted to YouTube after-the-fact (please carry this tradition on!!), but I’m specifically talking about a live-attendance option (OBS/twitch for talks, VPN for hackathon, other possibilities…).

Otherwise, I’ll just catch the videos online. Either way I hope to be there in-person for NixCon 2020. =]

We will be live streaming just like last year and taking questions on irc :slight_smile:


Thanks snajpa for welcome message :slight_smile:

Right now we are working on getting everything right about spaces and especially sponsors.
As @adisbladis stated, we will be streaming and taking questions on irc :slight_smile:
For now we are looking for sponsors, if you know about anyone, don’t hesitate to contact me on
Lastly @zimbatm will help with website, so stay tuned!

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Hey guys,

I’m curious how much it would cost to attend? I just graduated university and can’t really afford an expensive conference fee but I will be close to Czechia on the date mentioned and really want to attend (as an enthusiastic user of nixos :slight_smile: )

Will there be an announcement here when it becomes possible to sign up? I’m new to this forum but will try to be more active from now on.



Hi guys!
time is ticking and we are figuring out everything important about NixCon this year.
First of all, we put minds together and got logo, which is containing the local legendary dragon - you can see it on the link below and i will be happy for any feedback see here.

We got date, place and are working on website!
Everything will happen 25. - 27 October in Impact Hub, here in Brno.
Availability is good by train and airplane too, going by car is not perfect because of insufficient amount of parking lots, but im sure we can handle this later.
Together with information above we figured out website which will be in few days available for all of you with all important informations regarding this conference.

Lastly, for most of you important update about price - after few reactions from sponsors we put together how much will cost ticket. With total capacity of 160 peoples for conference and about 80 for hackday is price for whole conference ticket 450 EUR including hotel and of course food, coffee and other drinks. If you cant join us for all three days, it will be possible to buy ticket for each day separately.

If someone knows about any sponsor which can donate us, please give them my mail to them (

Dont forget to stay tuned for more info!


Will there be a discount for those from Brno who don’t need a hotel?

BTW, the logo looks great.


Yes, there will be price which will not contain hotel or any public transport ticket for locals - this ticket will cost about 60 EUR for 1 day of NixCon.


Do you plan any discounts or free entry for university/school students?

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I would love to join the NixCon again this year.
Here is a thought, which took some time to formulate.

I (and others) would like to propose another structure.
In short 2 days hacking/socializing and 1 day talks.

We are a small community, and as long that is the case,
I think discussions work much better for sharing knowledge
and bootstrap projects.
Talks are a very good thing for larger communities,
where you want to reach a lot of people at once,
e.g. via stream.
I still see talks as an important part of the
NixCon, but I would love to see
the Topics more concentrated on
“important” things, like.

  • what are the future problems we face?
  • what are the current problems we face?

To name my least favorite type of Talks (in general) are
“Success/Failure stories”.

I also think that this strucuture of the NixCon
would fit better, because the people who attend to
the NixCon are not interessted in installing and using Nix/NixOS,
they most likely already have installed it.
I would even state that the majority of visitors
are very active members of the Nix community.
So instead of preaching to the choir,
lets use the NixCon to
get in touch with other members and
focus on the future.

(Sorry this is so late, I had the text for 2 month now, but forgot to post it here, if I’m to late, mabye theses thoughts can be taken into account for the next NixCon)


I think traditional talks have the benefit that it’s easier for new people/companies so show up, and be part of the community. And (at least in London, 2018) the talks were generally at a much higher level than “this is how you install NixOS”.

That will certainly also cause a more intimate atmosphere, and I’m pretty sure people who are not

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That’s a lot of money for 3 days…

The way I would attend is by using couchsurfing for accommodation and buying my food at the supermarket ~.~


it’s neccessary to bring to mind that the price for ticket is NOT final. Right now it’s priced almost without any sponsors - that’s why price may seem higher than expected.
And as conference is not tomorrow or next week, we (me, @zimbatm and anyone else who wants to, or already messaged me about) are on way to get more sponsors and get more friendly prices for all of us.

Regarding special prices for students, i think there is usable idea we were thinking about, but i want to ask you here - as Nix community - if it’s good idea.
What about splitting part of sponsor donations into contributors, for example those most active, based on number of commits for example?
So these contributors can be really rewarded for their contribution to NixOS community by free (sponsored) NixCon tickets.
What do you think, guys?

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I’m a bit confused, why even have a price including a hotel? Is there a problem with everyone just booking their own stay in the place they want?

I could see everyone being in the same nearby hotel (though I don’t know what the actual circumstances are) good for socializing. If the place is decent I’m also happy about the decreased logistical load on my brain - however this is still all predicated on whether my wallet can take it.

In any case, I very much look forward to the prices decreasing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Regarding special prices for students, i think there is usable idea we were thinking about, but i want to ask you here - as Nix community - if it’s good idea.

I, a student, would be very much in need of a student ticket. The
availability of that kind of ticket would determine wether I could visit
NixCon (for the first time) or not…