NixCon 2020 broken out videos

Here are the start and stop timestamps for individual talks and ceremonies from the NixCon 2020 videos on the website. I haven’t made it through the entire conference yet and would welcome any additional timestamps.

You can see the 2020 conference schedule here.

NixCon 2020 — Day 1 Morning

NixCon 2020 — Day 1 Afternoon

NixCon 2020 — Day 2 Morning

NixCon 2020 — Day 2 Afternoon


It would be good to have them as separate videos, so it’s easy to see the context of comments for example or link to them.

But this is already an improvement. Thanks!

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I made the first post into a wiki so you can incorporate the timestamps all in one place. Thanks @asymmetric for the suggestion.

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