NixCon 2020 meeting notes #5

participating: @puckipedia @zimbatm @edef @qyliss me

Alyssa got adaptive streaming working, and did some testing by throttling down the network. The stream adjusted well and kept going. This will provide a good viewer experience under more network conditions. :slight_smile:

The first draft conference schedule is available: Adjustments will happen, so don’t take this as the final version. There are some gaps to allow for more talks (of which we’ve received whispers but nothing is confirmed yet) or to extend the duration of the current talks.

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What timezone is the schedule in, and will there be an option to select timezone for display or even import single events as iCal or similar into owns personal calendar?


Regarding schedule import/export, I haven’t looked closely at it yet. It looks like the iCal export is broken so I’ll look into that.

The other formats are giving dates that appear to be ISO8601, like “2020-10-16T11:20:00+00:00”, which should be a decent starting point.

Thank you for confirming “UTC”, I already figured that out but was unable to post due to network problems with the mobile.

Also the various buttons you have above the calendar are not visible on the mobile. There its onle the tabs “Schedule”, “Talks”, and “Speakers”, as well as a search field to the right.

Mobile shows at least an .ical export button for each talk on the talks page, and I was able to import it into my calendar and now that I know that the displayed time is UTC, it was correctly adjusted in my personal calendar.

Though as I assume those icals aren’t linked to anything and changes in the schedule won’t propagate into my calendar, I delete it for now.

I will wait until the schedule is fixed with importing those I want to attend into my calendar.

And I’m especially looking forward to how the “hallway” will look like.

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