NixCon 2020 meeting notes #8

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Our conference begins in three days!!! And our feelings include excitement, anxiety, anticipation, and joy; Not necessarily in that order.

Thank you, worldofpeace, for writing the agenda and some notes that I’m stealing.


We’ve re-evaluated the schedule to arrange talks in some sensible order, rather than how I’d initially slotted them in randomly (sorry!). The new schedule (v0.9) is released.


Jitsi is at 720p, so we’ve adjusted the full stream to be at 720p as well, instead of 1080.

We (I) had various struggles getting screen sharing working during the meeting, which is concerning. We had not experienced that in the rehearsal with any of the speakers.


There will be hiccups. We will discuss nix together and all separately from our screens. It will be good.

Thank you to all the organizers for your work!