NixCon 2020 Meeting Notes - Mon, August 3, 2020


puck, @qyliss, @edef, nbathum


  • Timezone will default to UTC
  • Conference schedule will be centered across the Atlantic ocean. So roughly, the main track will be morning to mid-day for UTC-4, and mid-day to evening for UTC+2
  • Online space for breakouts will re-use infra from talks. The exact setup is not finalized yet but will be some combination of Jitsi and IRC.


  • For breakout space, how central will IRC be?

    • Creating the space for people to interact outside of the talks is essential.
  • Session organization: Do we want to organize talks by theme/topic or split them up?

    • Wait until know more about talks
    • Grouping by theme may be beneficial for discussions and make it easier for attendees from timezones outside of the conference timezone.
  • Speaker Presentation Story

    • Join a Jitsi session, share screen
    • Alternatively: Use OBS to stream
      • This may require more powerful hardware and configuring OBS
      • Any speaker may choose this, but it is the alternate story because we don’t want it as a barrier for speakers.

Next Meeting

8/17/2020, please connect in #nixcon on Freenode for details

Agenda: CryptPad

CC @flokli @zimbatm


We were originally scheduled for today, but it did not work.

Rescheduled for tomorrow, 12:00 pm UTC-4

Am I understanding it correct that the scheduled time is 2020-08-19T16:00:00Z?

From my point of view your post was on tuesday, and if I do the math right, it was still monday for you… Therefore I am asking for clarrification…

PS: The calendar tool on discourse is really nice!

Oh, good point. My bad. I meant Tuesday:
2020-08-18T16:00:00Z → 2020-08-18T16:45:00Z