NixCon 2022 - Attendance Poll

Hello Everyone! It’s been much too long, the community has grown and it’s about time we met up!
We are starting to organize the 2022 NixCon and need your help to get an estimate of attendance.

Our intent is to understand how many individuals would like to attend NixCon 2022. Please take a moment and fill it out. This will greatly help the organizers. Thank you!

Here are some high level details:
:spiral_calendar: Late October: Exact Dates TBD
:round_pushpin: Location: TBD - (Somewhere central and accessible in Europe)
:computer: 2 Day Event

  • I will attend!
  • I will likely attend - prefer weekend event
  • I will likely attend - prefer weekday event
  • I will likely not attend

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Will the conference be available virtually? I’ll definitely attend virtually but most likely not physically.


We will definitely try to accommodate virtual!


Also note that we are also looking for anyone interested in helping to organize. Please get a hold of or myself