NixCon 2022 - Schedule Pre-Release

NixCon Oct 20-22 2022 - Schedule Announcement

The schedule is now live! Go view it at: NixCon 2022 - A conference about Nix and NixOS

This schedule is subject to changes with notice - If you are a speaker who has questions or concerns please email us at

Tickets are still available!

Standard tickets will not be available starting October 10th, 2022, and only the left-over late-bird tickets will be available.

If all on-site tickets get sold, some late-bird tickets might become available again, but we will try to announce it as soon as possible.

Register and purchase tickets here: NixCon 2022

We ask that you please still register, so we know how many people to expect online :pray:

Total number of remote tickets available: unlimited

CC: Org Leaders - Zimbatm (zimbatm) / Matthias (mat) / Ron (ron) / Ryan (RaitoBezarius) / Jackline (JacklineYim) / Alexandra (ciancimino) Advising - Rok (garbas) Nick (addict3d)

NixCon Details:

When: Thursday, October 20th 2022 - Friday, October 21st 2022 + Hackathon on Saturday, October 22nd

Where: Paris, France (École Normale Supérieure)

Other Notes


I’d like a list of the talks that were not accepted this time, just out of curiosity, there might be good stuff i’m missing.


We are working on something that if we can kick it off will open up much more opportunities for all of those awesome talks to be presented post NixCon!

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Super, thanks for your interstellar efforts on organizing this, i know how it can be.


will there be a live stream?

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Yes - Information on live stream link will be posted soon.

Hosted by Flying Circus.