NixCon 2022 - Ticket Launch!

NixCon Oct 20-22 2022 - Ticket Announcement

Tickets are now live and limited to the largest yearly Nix gathering - NixCon 2022 - Paris, France! We hope to see you there.

Registration Details:

Tickets are now available here:
We have three types of tickets available (VAT included):

1) Attending in person (Thursday + Friday + Hackathon)
Total number of tickets available: 155

  • Early Bird (first 50 tickets): 60 Euro
  • Regular: 75 Euro
  • Professional - 150 Euro
    If you are a professional using Nix/NixOS and didn’t sponsor, please consider supporting NixCon with this ticket. It’s just like the regular but slightly higher in price to help out.

2) Streaming remotely: Free! - We ask that you, please still register, so we know how many people to expect online :pray:
Total number of tickets available: unlimited

** All tickets are refundable (excluding processing fee) until October 2nd

We have a limited number of tickets reserved for those who may be financially constrained. We may be able to accommodate you; Please send an email to and describe how much you can pay and shortly describe your financial situation.

CC: Organizers - Zimbatm (@zimbatm) / Matthias (@mat ) / Ron (@ron) / Ryan (@RaitoBezarius ) / Jackline (@JacklineYim ) / Alexandra (@ciancimino ) / Rok (@garbas ) / Nick (@addict3d ) / Bryan @bjth / @ctem

NixCon Details:

When: Thursday, October 20th 2022 - Friday, October 21st 2022 + Hackathon on Saturday, October 22nd
Where: Paris, France (École Normale Supérieure)

Other Notes

  • Subscribe to the NixCon Matrix channel for updates!
  • Did you submit a talk? Talk reviews are underway, and we will be announcing the speakers soon.
  • Are you interested in sponsoring NixCon? Join over a dozen sponsors have come forward to support the NixCon event. We are excited to share their participation with you. If you are interested, please reach out or see here for opportunities - You can also share our posts about it! (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Interested in helping support NixCon? Get involved and join the group of +30 volunteers. Introduce yourself on the NixCon 2022 Volunteer Matrix channel
  • Accommodations: There are plenty of hotels and hostels near the venue. Currently, we do not have a conference discount. Should that change, we will make an announcement.

Just got one of the early bird + social ticket. :rocket:
Btw, what is the social ticket/event?

We are working on something with a bit of music for one of the evenings. Will announce more soon. :slight_smile:


Hello, I don’t see a Regular variant available :roll_eyes:

Avant-premiere would were the early bird ones (so only 50 available), but the other one is only Professional, there is no regular ticket?

EDIT: something happened (someone flipped a switch?) I see the Regular tickets now, all good

Yeah, alas, there is no automatic option to make available tickets once a certain category is out of stock (or at least, I did not see it), so it relied on me monitoring the dashboard and then flipping the switch. Sorry for the inconvenience! (was moving from rooms to do a NixOS & Linux install party!)


I think an alternative would have been to show all 3 first, and people will usually automatically select the cheaper one, balancing the availabilities :slight_smile:

ron can you arrange a drumkit, keyboard and guitar + 2 vocal mikes for that event… …

You have to pass auditions with @RaitoBezarius
Otherwise, I’d be curious to actually entertain a Nix Concert by Nix Folks at the Nix Con

It would probably a good idea to put a link to the ticket sale on


We’ll send you a demo tape in the new few weeks.

I think @roberth can vouch for our skills, he’s our behind the scenes muscle… sssh don’t tell any one and official on stage dancer.


I hope everyone going in person:

To make the filter part easy on organizers, here is a cost/effectiveness graph of air filters.

At ICFP, zurihac, and conferences in general many people ended up getting covid. It would be a shame to endanger the great minds of our community ( yes, that’s you!) with covid based cognitive decline even a little.

Note that even mild asymptomatic covid infections can result in cognitive decline.

Stay safe, but have fun! :smiley:

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Will wearing a mask be mandatory inside the conference space? (I am not anti-mask, it’s just that in my country we’ve stopped using masks long time ago…)

We will update closer to the event start date :slight_smile:

If it is even a little close to how it is in Germany, then it doesn’t hurt if you carry a mask with you.

Some locations demand a mask without local regulations requiring it. Also regulations could change during your stay from one day to the other.

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