NixCon 2022 - Welcome to NixCon! (In Person Notice)


It’s finally here - NixCon is this week! We are so excited. Here are a few things to keep in mind for folks attending in-person:

Address: 4 Rue Rataud 75005 Paris 48.84153179023129, 2.345526422539743

Check in will start at 8:15am Thursday. Talks will start at 9am. Please arrive early to ensure everyone can be present for the start of the conference. Upon check-in at the welcome station You will be asked to provide your first name, if you did not use a name to purchase your ticket, please have your order number ready. (optional: pronoun stickers / ‘we’re hiring’ stickers)

Review here: ​​

We may do some changes and last-minute announcements of extra activities during the conference

Please do not take photos of people without their consent.
Yellow lanyards will be available at the venue for your badge holder to signal you to opt-out from any photo, please honor this!

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Paris, and we will do our utmost to protect every one of you.

We recommend that you take a test prior to the event to ensure you are not positive. This is not a requirement, and we do not need results to be sent. We will have masks and hand sanitizer onsite and potentially self testing kits available for free.


Lunch will be served according to the schedule.

Please remember to remind the volunteers and the lunch team of your allergies / intolerances if you have any, we have taken into account your answers when you bought your ticket.

Please stick to the meal choice you requested during the purchase of your ticket as much as possible, note that vegetarian was merged with vegan.

IMPORTANT: Due to last-minute issues (beyond our control), we will invent some creative trick to make it easier for you to have proper seating and tables to eat, while escaping from the rain, the mud and many non-desirable properties of the weather in Paris, many apologies for the inconvenience, and please watch for further updates on this subject during the conference, especially just before lunch.

If you need special access, please let us know, so we can show you the alternative access points.


We will put at your disposal a coat rail to put your coats, but, we do not have secure coat checking, you can check in and check out autonomously but be cautious of your belongings if you decide to use the coat rail.


We do expect stormy rain during the conference, for your comfort, we advise you to have an umbrella or some sort of poncho.


The Internet is going to be provided under a familiar SSID name, connection details will be on-site.

As the event is hybrid, please understand we give priority to live-streaming in case of issues.

4G/5G/LTE may not be available in the main venue due to its location.

Just in case - please bring your ID.

Please join Matrix for updates before and during the event:

We still need a few volunteers:
Welcome Station : help us to welcome people, give them a badge, a rundown of general information, etc.
You're invited to talk on Matrix
Drinks : help us to serve drinks to people
You're invited to talk on Matrix
Lunch : help us to serve lunches
You're invited to talk on Matrix
Speaker services : help us to facilitate Q&A and help speaker to deliver their talks
You're invited to talk on Matrix

Are you a sponsor or a speaker who has not received a ticket? Please email

See you soon! :raised_hands: :grin:

CC: Org Leaders - Zimbatm (@zimbatm) / Matthias (@mat) / Ron (@ron) / Ryan (@RaitoBezarius) / Jackline (@JacklineYim) / Alexandra (@ciancimino) Advising - Rok (@garbas) Nick (@addict3d)


I had a last minute flight change and I’ll be arriving on the venue ~10am, will I be able to check-in or it’s closing after the event starts? :frowning_face:


If you miss the welcome / check in time frame - there will be a sign with instructions on how to proceed once you arrive.

Hosted by Flying Circus.