NixCon 2023 - Talk slides and other resources

Hello everyone!

Just as last year (or hopefully even better than last year), we’d like for talks slides, blog links, and other such resources to be added to the NixConContent repository.

Please, if you gave a talk this year create a PR for your talks. Or if you don’t want to, at least send me the resources and I’ll upload it for you.


Are the State of the Union slides available somewhere? I understand this was not recorded?

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Definitely not recorded due to some issues at the beginning. And though ron knows very well that there’s a git repo for slides, he did not upload them.

I’ll ping in the NixCon matrix channel to see if we can at least get the slides.


Here is the link to it:


I will get some slides and resources prepared to share towards end of next week.

I’m only now on the plane back home, I believe it was uploaded? My wifi on the flight is not strong enough to check the github repo (getting an error).
The talk was sadly not recorded due to technical issues. I’m more than happy to jump on a group call to go over the slides or record a session if anybody would find it helpful!

Yes, it’s uploaded; thanks to the link that @zimbatm sent I was able to do it myself.

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Finishing up RustConf tomorrow, I’ll upload slides this weekend

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