NixCon NA 2024 Schedule is Live!

We’re thrilled to announce that the schedule for NixCon NA is now live at NixCon NA 2024.

I want to personally thank everyone that submitted a talk or workshop, there were so many that I personally would have wanted to attend. If your submission wasn’t accepted I encourage you to still write up what you were going to present and post it somewhere so that everyone can benefit from it.

This conference is looking very exciting and now it’s time to spread the word as best we can. Instructions for registering for the conference are here.


That’s quite an exciting schedule!

I see it mentions a “lightning talks” track. Are these already chosen or will they be at the last moment? (totally not interested question, of course)

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The intention is for it to be first come first serve e.g. we’ll have a podium and people can line up somewhere if they have something to talk about.

I know at conferences I’ve been to it’s common for people to not realize they had something they could throw together for a 5 minute talk until they were actually there, and I want to leave space for everyone to talk that wants to.

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