Nixops with flakes?

I just ported my laptop’s configuration to a flake.nix and would like to port my server’s configurations too. Are flakes supported by nixops? I haven’t been able to find any information on it.

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Good question. I would like to know that too.

In this blog post we saw how Nix flakes make NixOS configurations hermetic and reproducible. In a future post, we’ll show how we can do the same for cloud deployments using NixOps.

It seems that an article is in progress about this

Edit: I found this post Luke Bentley-Fox | Building and deploying a blog with Zola and Nix Flakes

Nice find. But which version of nixops support --flake, and how do I get it?

It’s been available for quite a while. When I tested it, I pulled it in as a flake from it’s repo.

The example I shared uses GitHub - lukebfox/nixops-plugged: NixOps 2.0 with batteries included.
Using the nix flake makes this available through the devShell with nix develop.

I had the same problem facing here. Was also looking for nixos friendly hoster and found

See GitHub - vpsfreecz/example-nixops-deployment: Example deployment for vpsFree container deployment for an example for a setup in their environment. It should be easy to adapt to a bare metal server.