NixOS 19.03 feature freeze


I’d really like to see resolved: reflex-0.5 finally hits hackage and it would be a shame if we couldn’t get it into nixpkgs easily.


If you have any Python-related changes that need to go in, please refer to your PR on Also, if you maintain a Python package (or just want to help out!), please check it works with


Is there a possibility that the new Wine release can get into 19.03?


This might be too late for the relase but something that has bothered me for a while is that nixops - a major tool in the nix ecosystem - is not overridable. I had tried there but the doc system eludes me so if any nixops maintainer feels like it please go ahead.


Just one week until the feature freeze!


I did an update on openmpi a while ago. I would be great if we could merge that before the feature freeze. From my side this PR is basically ready to be merged but the update affects quite a number of packages. Community feedback would thus be appreciated.


I’d appreciate if someone could consider reviewing/merging this before freeze.


Please have mercy on my nixos-rebuild times and enable BLK_SED_OPAL in the kernel. Without it, computers with self-encrypting drives (like my ThinkPad) can’t resume from suspend when encryption is enabled.

That kernel option is enabled by default in Fedora, Debian, etc.


Would love to see this udev ruleset land.

Another nice one would be iwd backend support, but I don’t know if I’ll have time to fix the open PR and test the changes.


This PR has been sitting around for a while, and I just now added minimal documentation. Now might be a good time to merge it.


Is there anything keeping this PR from being merged in time for the 19.03 branchoff?

#37 <-- use newer ‘git’?


Could a staging-19.03 job be added to Hydra?


Sorry for the delay, folks! The branch-off took place as planned last week; the ZHF issue now also exists, any contributions to fixing broken stuff welcome!


I cloned staging-18.09 -> staging-19.03:


@FRidh: but merge of one iteration caused quite a lot python*Packages build regressions.


Yes, there’s roughly 200 more or so that need to be looked at. A lot of them have already been fixed on master and backported as well.


Any possibility to have merged?


@hpoussin merged and backported to 19.03.


The issue you linked to seems to be fixed - any chances of getting kernel 4.19 back into 19.03?

…got a new laptop in January and X won’t start with the drivers coming with 4.14…