NixOS 19.03 feature freeze


I’ll backport this as soon as this evaluation has finished all builds and there are no related errors.

Update: Backported in NixOS/nixpkgs@a36b965ede0988ff72cd9146e008ffdbb2f1e5bf.


Switching the default kernel branch is a bit of last-moment change, but I expect it’ll be fine, as many people (incl. me) have been using 4.19 anyway.

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Beginning today, VBox shared folders stopped working with NixOS 19.03 (see I’m not sure, but I suspect that the kernel update caused this. As I can’t find a workaround and I think VBox Guest compatibility is an important thing (well, at least for me…), I’m posting here to raise awareness.


@danbst Could we have the davmail module cherry-picked for this release?

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okay, done. The only concern is that there is no test for service, but I’ll trust you it works.


@danbst Unfortunately there can’t really be a test module for this. Please ping me any time you want testing done for this module and I will be happy to report results ASAP :slight_smile:


Yeah for desktop use case there isn’t anything to turn on for logrotate usually, as it is covered by journald as you mentioned.

Could we configure these services to write to a FIFO, with systemd-cat at the other end, so all logs go to the journal?

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I would be nice if we cound get coredns module cherry-picked too.


I humbly request throwing this on the pile as well. I’d love to have stumpwm working for me in 19.03