NixOS 19.03 release

Hi everyone!
I’m happy to announce our new stable channel, NixOS 19.03 “Koi”!

While I have the honour of being the one to sign the tag and post the release announcement, I’m far from being the only contributor — in fact, across a total of over 20,000 commits since 18.09, I only played a part in 86 of them! The rest was covered by 885 other contributors (67 more than for 18.09, let’s keep that growth going!). The following commit authors were particularly prolific:

Count Author
1865 R. RyanTM (@ryantm’s bot)
1385 Jörg Thalheim @Mic92
1378 Frederik Rietdijk @FRidh
825 Will Dietz @dtzWill
796 Chris Ostrouchov @costrouc
541 Matthew Bauer @matthewbauer
498 Jan Tojnar @jtojnar
485 @worldofpeace
457 Robert Schütz (dotlambda)
343 Renaud (c0bweb)

Numbers notwithstanding, many thanks to everyone who contributed; I’d also like to thank @samueldr, my co-release-manager, for helping all around whenever I’ve had less time for release stuff than I might have hoped; @grahamc for keeping me on the ball; and everyone who’s been waiting for the release for their patience.

Enjoy the release, everyone! :tada:


Thank you all for the work