NixOS 19.09 Feature Freeze

Hi all!

The time for a new NixOS release is approaching us once again. The release of NixOS 19.09 “Loris” will be managed by @lheckemann and myself. This year, we’re aiming for a feature freeze and branch-off on the 7th of September in order to get a release towards the end of September.

Some of the changes to look forward to from 19.09:

If you have anything big that you want to get into the release, please let us know (@disassembler and @lheckemann on GitHub), especially if you’re not sure if it’ll be in master by then.
Between the 7th of September and the release, we will be working towards Zero Hydra Failures and starting the regular release maintenance work, backporting minor bugfixes and security patches.

Looking forward to working with you for a wonderful release!



I would love to see Xfce 4.14 :star_struck:. @volth already posted a PR, but some work remains.

for XFCE 4.14 migration I think we have to elect @worldofpeace or @jtojnar as a leader of the project. They have a lot of suggestions I cannot answer (well, my answer is “it works somehow so don’t touch it”). Or maybe @Yana as the initial author of XFCE 4.14 subtree. I just bump versions, fix broken builds and test that everything works, so I can be merely a QA here.


Maybe add this cleanup task to the milestone.


Hi @volth, if this is release critical I’m sure we’ll be able to help you.

Currently I can see we need to get


Personally I’d nominate @Yana for these tasks because they authored the subtree.
But if they’re not available I can try to complete some of this.

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I’d also like to mention that the LXQT desktop is completely broken since the migration to qt wrappers. is intended to fix this but there’s still issues I don’t know how to fix. Also I don’t maintain LXQT so I’m a little overextended there.

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We came up with some additions to stdenv/generic/, which will make the wrapQtAppsHook a bit smarter (in not wrapping .so files): . This is a mass-rebuild, but not yet part of the current staging-next PR: Staging next by FRidh · Pull Request #66822 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub, however should probably be part of nixos 19.09.

This might also improve the situation with VirtualBox being broken since the migration to qt wrappers: VirtualBox: Virtual machines fail to start. · Issue #65564 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub


I would really like to see my PR in that fixes Letsencrypt cert generation ordering bugs

It only needs a changelog entry, apart from that it’s ready to merge. I just have been really short on time to push it forward as I’m busy moving to another country.

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Is anyone motivated to update the 19.09 release notes? Currently there is only one entry under the The following new services were added since the last release section.

Hey, do we have a working vitualbox now?

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Any specific time for the branch-off?

I think we need to wait until the next staging-next with gcc8 merges.

An update from your 19.09 release managers. Due to conflicts introduced as we were getting ready to merge gcc8, we’re delaying the branch off until Monday at the earliest. Please do not introduce any PR’s into master that cause conflicts against staging-next until we get that merged. At that point, we will cut the release branch and start the Zero Hydra Failures Issue.

Thanks for your patience,



You can watch the gcc8 struggle in this thread, and perhaps even help with the regressions :wink:


staging-next with gcc8 has now landed in master :slight_smile:


I know it’s feature freeze, but can we also backport here major upgrade of Postgresql?