NixOS 20.03 Feature Freeze

This I reverted because there were too many regressions.

IMO, would be great to include asus-wmi-sensors package asus-wmi-sensors: init at 0.0.1 by voanhduy1512 · Pull Request #75885 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub that gives sensors support for fresh Asus motherboards.

Would it be possible to upgrade to Plasma 5.17?

That’s in progress Plasma 5.17.5 by ttuegel · Pull Request #79011 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub, I asked and @ttuegel said that’s what is planned .

Ideally (pending agreement from maintainers), I would like to get this in:

This includes opt-in new behavior for fetchCargo that makes it much more efficient and possible to cache in hashed mirrors, but at the cost of changing the cargoSha256 for Rust applications (once opted in). I’m planning on sending a treewide PR that updates all the Rust applications to the new behavior and makes it opt-out once the infra lands, so it’d be nice of the functionality for that new behavior is on the NixOS release so that backporting changes to 20.03 will be easier for maintainers.

Note that the proposed functionality has no functional change to how we build Rust applications, just how we manage the cargo vendor directory.

The networking.resolvconf.useHostResolvConf option seems to have been superseeded by networking.useHostResolvConf and doesn’t do anything anymore.

I think it would be nice to have that fixed for 20.03, as that was quite confusing when figuring out why DNS didn’t work.

Overlayfs instead of unionfs on installation media is long overdue. Every major distribution is using it.


If I read this correctly, the option silently did nothing and now you’ll be warned about that if you use it. What do you suggest to improve?

Ah, I’m sorry… I didn’t realize the PR happened after you wrote this.

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I’m starting to get nervous about and its inclusion in 20.03 :anguished:

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It would also be great to include Ungoogled Chromium:

@worldofpeace @disassembler, any chance you could have a look at this one for 20.03:

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Would be great to get some attention to nixos/grub: make memtest work with EFI by wedens · Pull Request #78453 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub to get memtest fixed with EFI.

Hello everyone again. Me and @disassembler personal assessment of master right now is it’s very clear for branch off. But we don’t have perfect vision, if there’s anything serious please PM us on IRC or mention us in #nixos-dev.

I plan to begin the beta tasks around 18:30 UTC.


Just want to confirm that 20.03 was branched at the time we said.
I haven’t done the Zero Hydra failure and beta announcement (this is essentially a call for testing), because we ran into an issue with the release-20.03 jobset not evaluating This means hydra isn’t building anything, so that obviously would make any contributions to 20.03 difficult. Anyways, if you have PRs coming into master that has security implications please ping us @NixOS/nixos-release-managers.


If Hydra isn’t evaluating release-20.03 why isn’t unstable also affected, or is it?

It is not evaluating either Hydra - Jobset nixos:trunk-combined

Is it too late to consider adding rakudo-2020.01? was just merged into unstable, I’m worried that 20.03 might release with 2017.01 which is quite outdated.

@sgo if you want something backported, open a PR. Don’t forget to use cherry-pick -x.


@worldofpeace I think it would be great to include into 20.03:

I can do and test backports for them as soon as (if? :slight_smile: ) accepted to master.


I can help do some go1.14 testing.