NixOS 20.03 Feature Freeze

Hey everyone :v:

Samuel Leathers (@disassembler) and I are super pleased to be your release managers for the forthcoming release of NixOS 20.03 Markhor, and as such we get to announce to you that it’s our intention to have feature freeze and branch off on February 10th :sparkles: .

So many great improvements have already landed into master or are in progress:

Please comment on this thread if you need a feature in the 20.03 milestone, and mentions on GitHub are also appropriate. If something is critical that you need to mention to us quickly we’re available on IRC Freenode. Our nicks are worldofpeace and disasm.

From then on we’ll be embarking on NixOS beta activities, which includes (not limited to):

  • Zero Hydra Failures
  • Updating documentation and release notes
  • typical release maintenance, backporting bugfixes and security patches

We look forward to hearing from all of you, let’s go.

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Hopefully we can get staging, then staging-next in shape so that cross-compiling works for the branch-off. Thinking mostly about how recently glibc didn’t cross-compile on unstable.

Staging peeps: anything we can do to help this happen?


I’m absolutely not sure atm if this can be finished on time (and we have a graceful testing period after this), but it would be pretty cool to see the glibc update ( in 20.03.

Oh and congrats on becoming a release manager @worldofpeace :slight_smile:

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Eek, I need to get on that documentation I obligated myself to do.

I hate moving, burns so much time.

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What kernel version shall we have?

I’d love for to get into the release. Seems like the PR author is afk there though.

I would like:

both PRs looks actives.

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The dnscrypt-proxy2 addition and deprecation of dnscrypt-proxy is a while coming and we should totally get that in 20.03.


If you have any mass-rebuild changes that you would like to get in for 20.03, now is the time to get them merged into staging.

I hesitated in posting this, since I am not a KDE expert and I haven’t contributed to any of the efforts to make this happen, but it would be nice if KDE Plasma worked out of the box.

As far as I understand this is largely blocked by something that is still not properly wrapped:

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Please include

:smile: posting on my own thread because I would like some help with this PR

building a vmWithBootloader has been broken for a while.
too but other people concurrently do refactoring of patches so it might be difficult to keep it free of merge conflicts

@FRidh should’ve followed this thread a bit more, but is it now too late for mass-rebuilds to get merged? (can’t promise it, but I’d at least try to get the glibc update mergable today or tomorrow).

EDIT: oh and don’t get me wrong, I don’t intend to “force” this to get into the release, I’m just asking myself whether it’s worth investing a certain amount of time today (and tomorrow) into this. If it’s too late and this just causes an additional burden for the release managers, we should delay this, of course :slight_smile:


Please also have a look on the Traefik v2 update.

Branch-off is the 10th. Staging-next stabilization typically takes a week, although if there are no regressions its only 2 or 3 days. I’m about to start a new staging-next cycle.

This I reverted because there were too many regressions.

IMO, would be great to include asus-wmi-sensors package asus-wmi-sensors: init at 0.0.1 by voanhduy1512 · Pull Request #75885 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub that gives sensors support for fresh Asus motherboards.