NixOS 20.03 Release Manager

Hey folks,

This is much delayed getting out and I apologize. I’m happy to announce that @worldofpeace has agreed to serve as release manager for 20.03-20.09 this year! This will be an exciting release cycle with so many RFC’s in discussion. I’m looking forward to working with @worldofpeace and all of you these next couple months to deliver another release!

@worldofpeace has been an amazing contributor with a crazy amount of commits attributed to them in the 19.09 release and also runs office hours with @grahamc. They will be an amazing asset to me and the rest of the community!

If you have any major changes you want to get into 20.03, please do contact one of us and let us know who (if not you) is driving the change and we’ll get it tracked. Our plan for this release is to keep closer communication with team leads and delegate more responsibility for big changes to experts related. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer for an initiative lead. We had discussed this over NixCon, but sadly my battery died and I never saved the file.

Thank you all for an excellent 19.09 release! Lets keep the goal posts moving and do even better for 20.03!




:heart: It also happens I’m on the steering committee for RFCs now.
Looking forward to working together, and contributing in this way.
I really enjoy working collaboratively with all participants in the NixOS project and being supportive of their efforts.


Thank you @worldofpeace of for volunteering, I have full confidence in you :slight_smile:

I wonder if we could have domain-specific release managers? For example, I would be more than happy to deal with python related issues, PRs, and builds. But not sure if I would want to be a release manager for all of nixpkgs.

Also from a coordination perspective, having specific domains makes it easy to determine who should be responsible for a particular task, thus avoiding consensus (which can be expensive with respect to time).


You heard it here first, @jonringer for 20.09 :wink:
Seriously though, you’d definitely have my support!


As RM’s we should totally coordinate with the people responsible for bringing the Python related features to the surface. As far as how nixpkgs works currently, I think there’s like domain specific management. So the Python maintainers would know where and how everything is going, and obviously triaging issues etc. It’s just communication that happens for the release that needs to happen. Python for 20.03 is particular pertinent for lots of reasons, so we’ll for sure talk more about this.