Nixos-20.09 channel updated without firefox?

The latest nixos-20.09 channel does not have firefox prebuilt. Does anyone know why?

$ git checkout nixos-20.09
$ git pull
$ git rev-parse HEAD
$ nix-build -A firefox
these derivations will be built:

The channel had firefox binaries just a few days ago:

$ git checkout nixos-20.09~50
$ nix-build -A firefox
these derivations will be built:
these paths will be fetched (49.70 MiB download, 183.82 MiB unpacked):
copying path '/nix/store/mjkhd8b13rfc3zvrzpq1c1y1bbga0g4l-firefox-unwrapped-84.0' from ''...
building '/nix/store/kqn2af0rj5zk28bir2jfz223l7spqbm3-firefox-84.0.drv'...
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Yep, the PR was accidentally merged into nixos-20.09, not release-20.09 or staging-20.09 as would be the correct procedure.

This caused the firefox commit to bypass CI.

It got fixed a few minutes ago, so updating your channel should fix the problem.

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Aha! Thanks for the quick response!