NixOS 20.09 ZERO Hydra Failures

Hi everyone :wave:,

Doesnt’t this seem familiar but different :thinking:
This release we aren’t announcing a BETA as soon as we branch off from master.
And if you look on GitHub, until we all decide that the release meets some more requirements, outside the tested jobset running, (still very basic), we’re going to call that peroid ALPHA and tag the beginning of the release as ALPHA Release 20.09-alpha · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub.
Conceptually, though, this is still going to be the same activities that are documented to do during BETA.

With that out of the way, at this point of the NixOS release lifecycle we’re stabilizing the release branch, fixing deliverables, and backporting minor updates and bugfixes.

Here’s some quick links:

Hydra Jobset: Hydra - Jobset nixos:release-20.09
ZERO Hydra Failures:

Let’s make 20.09 stable even more stabilized than 20.03 was! :sparkles:

NixOS 20.09 is not yet released and it’s not recommended for daily use.
However, you are welcome to try the ALPHA and the BETA’s to assist in making
NixOS 20.09 the best it can be. Just know you could run into issues like not being able to boot…


Release notes, including upgrade instructions and backward incompatibilities relative to 20.03 for alpha testers