NixOS 23.11 still pinned to CUDA version 11.8

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering why NixOS 23.11 is still pinned to NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 11.8 by default, even though 12.4 has been released? How can I install the latest CUDA Toolkit 12.4 instead? If the CUDA team needs more contributors, feel free to reach out with guides/advice, as I would be happy to contribute.

Thank you!

23.11 was released almost half a year ago and it only has 11.8. 23.11 is a stable release, so changing such defaults during its life surely wouldn’t be good.

EDIT: some cuda people might provide better insight. My answer is more along the lines why “a new version of foo is released” doesn’t imply that 23.11 gets it.

Thank you for your reply. For reference, the last CUDA Toolkit 11.8 release was 1.5 years ago, so it was already outdated when NixOS 23.11 was released. Trying to pin CUDA to 12.4 doesn’t seem to work. I do understand that I am not the only one with CUDA issues though: Tweag+Nix dev update #45. Connor Baker seems to be the person to ask.

If you need it, why don’t you try nixos-unstable? (I see 12.2 in there)

Not a bad idea, but I would love to see a recipe of how to package specific versions of CUDA Toolkit, CuDNN, TensorRT, etc.