NixOS 24.05 graphical installation iso crashes after selecting a boot option

after upgrading from 23.11 to 24.05 my current installation crashes after trying to load gdm (it shows it very shortly and then displays a black screen). I thought this was a misconfiguration on my part, but even the recommended installer iso (graphical gnome) is crashing at the Plymouth screen after selecting any option except memtest.

I am using a virtual machine with

  • 8GB ram
  • 8 cores
  • 60GB Storage

I am aware of this bug but i am unsure why the release of 24.05 was then greenlit

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

The mentioned issue does not apply to the error i am seeing.

Does anyone else have an issue with the installer?

Have you tried a 23.11 iso? You can build one from nixpkgs or use GitHub - nix-community/nixos-generators: Collection of image builders [maintainer=@Lassulus]

Yes, this one just boots into the installer with no problems. It is actually the one that i installed my current installation from

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Definitely sounds like a bug. Hard to say more without physical access to the system. At the very least let us know what hardware you have. Next step I would do is build a minimal, bootable USB with systemd initrd turned on (so you can actually see the error messages!)

As i said in the original post, i am using vmware workstation, so a virtual machine.

Ah, sorry I missed that. Probably, this is just the iso getting confused about what virtual device to interact with (i.e serial vs graphical device)

No worries. Not really though, because plymouth is starting for the installer and then just freezes the system. I also couldn’t get to the tty in the installer iso.

I am however getting a moving coursor on my upgraded installation and i am also getting into the tty. Sadly i can’t really find anything in the logs that would actually tell me, why this is happening.

Because that bug is only relevant if you’re using systemd initrd, which is not enabled by default. Not to mention the other highly specific circumstances required for it. Unless you have systemd initrd, GDM auto-login, and plymouth all enabled, that bug is not relevant to you. Also, the bug was present in 23.11, so if your issue started after updating, it’s not that bug. Also the system freezing is not the symptom of that bug.

thank you for your input. You are right, I missed the part where it is specific to systemd initrd.
All the other points do apply to the graphical gnome installer.

interestingly enough the 24.11 pre version does correctly start

Hey @nineephe

I have the same issue, but I am not running it on a VM. Booting from the USB with nixos-gnome-24.05.2150.89c49874fb15-x86_64-linux.iso works until the display manager startup step. The boot logs stay on the screen and after some time disappear. Not possible to start a tty.

Do you by chance use an NVIDIA graphics card? It does not work on my Nvidia box, but running the live image on my laptop without a gcard works.

I do use an Nvidia card. But shouldn’t the VM abstract that away? The vm only reports it as the VMware default card.

I would have to investigate that more with a VM on my laptop.

@Torwalt I checked on my laptop and the desktop environment loads there no problem. However I can’t install it to test further as the installer just crashes when I start to type my full name like some other post described.

So 24.05 just doesn’t work and this will rule out nixos for me for the foreseeable future. I really liked the concept but I also need stability

Afaik as long as you dont run the VM on some other host than your machine, the hardware is not abstracted away, only resources and the environment is sandboxed.

I did not test the installer completely on my laptop, but I had very few troubles on 24.05 when I installed 23.11 some months ago and upgraded to 24.05.

@Torwalt I see, that makes sense but that also means that it will not work for my usecase at all

No worries

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