Nixos as vmware guest


I am new to nixos. I managed to install and run nixos (latest) as vmware guest. However, my mouse integration doesn’t seem to be working, i.e. I need to press ‘Ctrl+Alt’ to release mouse if I want to move out.

More importantly, ‘Fit guest now’ option is greyed out. I have enabled virtualisation.vmware.guest.enable = true; in my configuration.nix however that doesn’t seem to solve the issue. Any pointers?

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I import this into my VMs and it works without any further configuration:

    virtualisation.vmware.guest.enable = true;

Unless I am missing something, that is exactly what you have already.

Which DE/WM are you using? How complicated is your configuration.nix, is it possible there is something strange going on in there? Can we see it?


Should I necropost or not, but after adding this line guest tools seems to be installed, mouse is grabbed and a vmware- tools are avaliable, but screen is not resizing, as well as fit guest now option is doing nothing
I have a Nixos install with plasma without any changes