NixOS assembly on rc3

Hello, we have a NixOS assembly on the remote congress rc3. We will have some talks/workshop sessions. So if you are around you are welcome to join.

our current schedule looks like this (time is in CET):

Talk Time
Why NixOS 2020-12-27 20:00
LiveCoding Run unpatched binaries on NixOS 2020-12-27 21:00
Nix Flakes 101 2020-12-28 20:00
NixOS maintainer party 2020-12-29 17:00
Packaging Workadventure in NixOS 2020-12-30 14:00

We are currently unsure if we host this exclusively on the rc3 infrastructure or if we organize this available also for other interested parties. If you want to join but can’t (cause you have no ticket) just write down below


I am not sure which parts I want to join but the maintainer party would probably be something for me and I don’t have a ticket sadly.

I don’t have a ticket but would be interested in joining.

We yesterday tested our streaming setup. We should be able to provide a live stream for most of the events - Links will be posted later. We use #nixos-rc3 on irc/freenode for coordination right now.

I don’t have a ticket but would be interested in joining.

Me too, commenting here to get notfications on updates (hopefully)

I added the stream/mumble urls in the first post of this thread (usable without ticket).

The stream is hanging after ~10 sec, not sure if the problem is my internet connection or the server not keeping up.

Stream is online only during talks/sessions. We tested our setups earlier

For the live coding session we will also use tmate • ro-y7QP9Qx7LRVc5WScDSCzJXBdd you can join the mumble server as well.

This evening I give a practical introduction presentation to nix flakes at 20:00.

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For the maintainer party this evening we will meet up 17:00 on lassulus mumble server.
You can join by using:

$ nix-shell -p mumble --run "mumble mumble://$"

The server hostname is and the room nixos.
There we will also share a tmate web session.

We have now recordings from our talks:

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The rooms in our rc3 NixOS assembly are also accessible without a ticket.
Join us at our welcome area or hackcenter.

Hello everyone,

is there, by any chance, a recording of the “Packaging Workadventure in NixOS” talk?


IIRC we did not record it as we did it over several days with breaks in between.