NixOS Assembly on the 35C3

We will have an assembly on the 35th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig this year.
The location will be announced in the wiki
once we know it. I will prepare on the 29th in the evening 21:00 - 22:00 a workshop on cross compiling in lecture room.
For people who wants to install NixOS, we provide a local binary cache and an installation counter to track installations during the event. We will also have NixOS stickers.

If you want to assign yourself to the assembly in the wiki, just create a user page and add a |Part of=NixOS line in your {{User}} block just as in this example. After some minutes your username will also appear in the assembly page.


This is the assembly location:,432.09,477.33,5
Since there will be no recording within the lecture rooms, maybe someone could record the cross-compiling talk somehow?
I plan to put some figures into the nixos wiki as reference.

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Did someone record your talk?

Yes. But the recording is broken.

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Oh, and what was the installation counter at the end? :slight_smile:

Not sure. I think we had the problem that people just pressed for fun, while it was not so clearly communicated during the installation event we had.