Nixos-blur plymouth theme

Hi :wave:

Just wanted to throw in a new plymouth loop I crafted. Looks OK on my laptop, even though it boots in 1.5 loops already :laughing: I hope you like it.
(here is the usage example)



I also created a nixos related plymouth theme lately and thought about changing the code so it’s possible to build various themes |rom a monorepo (a small script to copy the proper images to $out and adjusting the .plymouth/.script file accordingly)… also the whole nix code is quite bad in my repo… :sweat_smile:

Maybe it’s possible to get the github repo nix-community/plymouth-themes and merge our repos - if you’re interested in it? :slight_smile:

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Why not :slight_smile: Although I’m not so creative.
I just used ffmpeg to dissect a gif and copied the script from another repo :grimacing:
Feel free to import mine if you can manage, I’ll just link it (& contribute if I can find another idea).

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Today I was playing with packaging some arbitrary plymouth theme and got someting like [1]. I plan to create some utility functions that we could compile to that repo, or maybe, the nixpkgs.


i had something like that, too for a while. but be aware that when you actually use this, the size of your initrd in /boot will explode, because it copies that stuff in there. That’s why I think it should be possible to build each theme by itself…

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In my setup the /boot is in the same partition as /.

I did my ESP partition with 1gb of space.

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