NixOS-centric Nextcloud paid support wanted

I’m looking for a Nextcloud expert who also understands NixOS well, to help me with my Nextcloud issues.

I self-host a Nextcloud instance for personal & family usage since years (since back when it was still called Owncloud) and have experienced performance issues and minor outages in the last months. I don’t know how to fix them.


  • Migrate from SQLite to Mysql (if you agree that this will improve performance). See Nextcloud & MySQL - #4 by turion for a past failed attempt
  • Understand certain warnings in the log
  • Understand & fix CalDAV performance issues
  • Understand & fix a file sharing bug
  • Understand & fix warnings & performance problems related to automatic uploads from the mobile app

Stretch goals

  • Flake test setup to check whether my nextcloud and databases are set up properly

What I offer

  • Payment after 15 minutes into first session
  • Advance payment for future sessions, if everything works out fine
  • I’ll write up NixOS-specific learnings in the Wiki, the manual, or in option descriptions

How we can work together

  • Write me a private message with your rate, experience level, timezone, and typical availability
  • We’ll meet online on Jitsi or Senfcall
  • We’ll do pair programming, where your role is that of the navigator
  • To address all points I listed from above, we’ll need several sessions, but there is no need to rush through it. A clean NixOSesque solution is better than quick dirty hacks.

I am not sure if it is the placebo effect but I think turning on php jit helps:

services.nextcloud.phpOptions = // {
  "opcache.jit" = "tracing";
  "opcache.jit_buffer_size" = "100M";
  # recommended by nextcloud admin overview
  "opcache.interned_strings_buffer" = "16";

I also pre compress all my web resources with brotli and zopfli and then serve the files with nginx.

Basically I am running this script in postFixup

  find "$prefix" -type f -regextype posix-extended -iregex '.*\.(css|csv|html?|ini|js||json|md|scss|svg|txt|xml)' -exec echo Compressing '{} ...' \; -exec brotli '{}' \; -exec zopfli '{}' \;

Perhaps we should add at least the interned_strings_buffer option to the Nextcloud module in some way (or all of these options), maybe gated by a recommended optimizations setting?

I only got the message in the nextcloud admin overview after adding jit, so I am not sure if this is related or not.

I do not know how far did you progress, but I am kind of in the same situation (multiple NC instances, including family one with performance issues) and doing myself the performance debugging work, esp. on

  • Understand & fix CalDAV performance issues

If you want to share the findings, we can. :slight_smile:
I admit I do not have time to do “involved” paid support, don’t hesitate to send me a private message if you want to discuss it further.

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