NixOS cloud images available?

Hi all!

I’ve been using NixOS on the desktop for a few months and want to use it more for servers as well. I wondered if there are original cloud images floating around? I’d like to add them to my Proxmox cluster as a template.

Currently, my workflow for deploying a Debian or Ubuntu machine is this:

  • Clone the Debian official cloud image;
  • Set cloudinit details;
  • Make disk larger;
  • Start the VM.

For NixOS, I currently don’t have a workflow like that.

Instead, I’ve done one or two VMs with nixos-generate and the minimal ISO, but it isn’t ideal. The thing is I’d like to offer the template to multiple users and things like username, ssh key and network configuration are fluid and can change with every deployment. Simply building an image with nixos-generate with hard-coded settings doesn’t cut it.

How are other people doing it? Am I missing something obvious?