NixOS compatible Wi-Fi USB adapters

I’m looking for a wi-fi usb adapter that works easily with nixos. I have an adapter myself that it seems some people have managed to get working for them, but I couldn’t replicate this. This sort of thing is currently too far over my head for me to want to spend any more time troubleshooting, so I’m looking for one of two things:

  1. An adapter that is known to work easily with nixos
  2. Someone to personally help me set up the adapter I have, for compensation less than or equal to the price of the adapter in option 1.

My guess would be that this largely comes down to the chipset used. The adapter you have seems to only support older kernel versions. I’ve found what looks like some good info here: They specifically exclude D-Link, but they have other recommendations listed.


What a great resource, thank you!