Nixos configuration template


in order to help people using flakes for their NixOS configuration, I wondered if there is a reason about the absence of a NixOS template in GitHub - NixOS/templates: Flake templates ? I couldn’t find any PR or discussion about it on the repo. Do you see any blocker for one?

I’ll try to make one if there isn’t any showstopper :slight_smile:

guess people who want a template just go with

but i find that complex. i find the overall best nix user config to be ~misterio/nix-config - sourcehut git, which is relatively simple and pretty organized and follows some nixpkgs conventions, and i base my own config on it as well (i personally removed that rec from the flake.nix and put stuff on the let bind instead)

so i’d take that as reference for a template.


I went down this path recently and I also landed on @Misterio 's config as the one I like the best.


Thanks for the shoutout, folks :smiley:


This looks very useful. Thanks! And thank you @Misterio for providing it.

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