NixOS Copenhagen meetups -- anybody interested?


Hi there,

We’re considering starting a series of NixOS meetups. We got the venue and company paid food, but we have no idea how many are using NixOS in Denmark (or Skåne, for that matter).

If you are interested, or know somebody who is, speak up. And if you’re at NixCon feel free to find us there (here?) – we’re the group with the bald guys :wink:

About us: We started using NixOS in late 2017, primarily for running Kubernetes, and are located in the greater Copenhagen area (Ballerup).

Looking forward to hearing from you,


I would definitely be interested!


I’ll swing by next time I’m home, although that will in all likelihood only be next summer.


I’m just a simple user, but I’d be interested!


Sounds like fun! If the free time and train chaos gods are willing then I would be happy to join.


So are we - we just get paid for being simple users :slight_smile:


Good to see a few new interested people. We’ll try to announce something in the not too distant future.


I’d love to join sometime (if this is still a thing)!


There’s now a meetup group for this:


There’s a date now: