NixOS equivalent of the AUR?

Hello everybody.
I heard about NixOS from the recent hype, and am very impressed by the concept. I’m downloading the ISO image now to test it in a VM.
I’m currently using Manjaro, and one thing I like about Arch based distros is that almost any piece of software I need to install is going to be in the AUR, and I can make my own packages for my software and upload it to be easily installed.

If I were to switch to Nix, I’d like to know if it’s possible to upload my packages to something like an “NUR”, or at least what it takes to have a piece of software hosted on the official repositories.

Thank is advance.

In my experience, nixpkgs itself has been pretty comprehensive though. It’s very rare that a package I’ve wanted hasn’t been in nixpkgs.


Thanks for the reply @sullyj3.

I noticed that when searching through the packages, I even found pentesting tools there!
I’ll primarily use it to make own scripts easily installable.

Thanks once again.

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Btw you don’t have to use NixOS to use nix. I’m using it on non-nixos with home-manager, and it works great. I think it’s a good way of easing into things. I’m still personally reluctant to switch to nixos, because of quirks like being unable to run downloaded binaries due to noncompliance with the FHS.

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@MisconceivedSec I recommend going through official learning materials - however incomplete they currently are - to discover what Nix can offer.