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This is more than just a curiosity, imo. To me, it’s the best part of your comment; the anecdote is really helpful in grounding your concerns with the verbiage for those of us who don’t share that context. It’s a really striking example of opportunism with respect to that designation (‘fascist’). (And it feels more real/significant to me than the comic book character example, of course.)


I have nothing to do with that pull request, this is simply bad-faith conflation in an attempt to tar me as “mean”.

At least here you speak for yourself, but again you are using deceptive rhetoric: I have not “assigned” anyone in this thread the label fascist or hateful. I have merely said that racism, sexism, etc. should not be tolerated in this community.

nb. I couldn’t care less if a racist, sexist, etc. is superficially “respectful” or “civil” or “polite” in their expression of racism, sexism, etc.

I have seen no evidence of his mistreatment. It’s too bad that he feels harmed. Hopefully that can change.

No, I am not going to “dial down” my steadfast opposition to fascism, racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry.

No there hasn’t.

You don’t actually have any argument, so you deploy this false accusation of “harm” to try and paint those you disagree with in a negative light. I’m not interested in undergraduate debates about the “paradox of tolerance”, etc. I simply refuse to work on a project in which bigoted nonsense is tolerated. If in Nix saying “racism is bad” is too “political” and “sexism should not be accepted here” is “bullying”, then I don’t want anything to do with Nix.

Do you want racists included? Sexists? Fascists? The “within reason” is the whole issue here: my argument is that Nix should not be a place where bigotry is accepted. That seems to me to be part of the definition of “within reason”.


I’m temporarily closing this thread until someone has the time to go and mark the last… many hours of messages as offtopic or split them into a separate thread. I understand that feelings are high, but this is a thread that deserves a little grace from the community as we work together to figure out our shared governance of the future.

This is not an invitation to continue this argument in a different thread.

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