Zulip for governance discussions

The foundation board has decided to use Zulip for community governance discussions, both for the decision of the constitutional assembly within 2 weeks, and for that assembly to decide how to do community governance past that. Zulip is to be used exclusively for governance discussions, anything else is off-topic and will be removed.


The Zulip instance is readable by anybody without logging in, however participation is very loosely limited. To join the conversation you have three options:

  1. If you have previously contributed to the Nix ecosystem, post a message containing a link to your contribution (see below how)

    The exact kind of contribution does not matter, it doesn’t even have to be code or official, as long as it is before 2024-05-01 and related to Nix.

  2. If you have made a substantial and constructive contribution to setting up a successful community-based governance structure, post a message with a link to your contribution (see below how)

  3. If you do not qualify for the above, but still believe you could contribute, reach out to the Zulip moderators (see below) in private on Discourse

How to post a message

For options 1 and 2:

  • If you have a relevant contribution on GitHub, post a message in this GitHub issue
  • If your relevant contribution is outside of GitHub, post a message in this Discourse thread instead

The message should contain the following:

Contribution: <link>
Email: <email>

As soon as a Zulip moderator (see below) has confirmed your contribution, they’ll send you an invite to the given Email address.


Zulip will be moderated to stay in line with the Zulip CoC and to stay on-topic (governance discussions only). Compared to other community platforms recently, there is zero tolerance for CoC violations on Zulip, to make sure that civil discussion is possible. In addition to the CoC, make sure to read about how to de-escalate situations.

To start off clean and give everybody a chance to participate in a civil way, we will consider allowing you to join even if you’ve been suspended from other community platforms before. You can send an email to one of the moderators with your appeal (along with a link to your contribution). If you’ve only been temporarily suspended you’ll definitely be allowed to join. If you’ve been permanently banned, the Zulip moderators will deliberate based on your appeal. Note that you’ll be watched closely, and if you violate the CoC on Zulip, you will be banned permanently from all platforms (for people that were suspended before).

The following people have been entrusted by the board to moderate. They also have the responsibility of inviting people as described above.

This thread is only used for invite requests for non-GitHub contributions as described above. If you’d like to discuss this post itself, use Discussions on Zulip for governance discussions.


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Email: jake.hamilton@hey.com
Contribution: https://nixpkgs.news
Contribution: https://snowfall.org

In addition to the above, I have been organizing Aux, a Nix ecosystem fork, with the goal of establishing better community governance (though there is a lot of work well-beyond social tasks that need to be done to get there). I would like to see Nix adopt some of the strategies I have been pushing Aux toward.

I’d also like to note that I do not see myself as a particularly important figure in the Nix ecosystem. There are many other people who do far more to make Nix as amazing as it is. However, I would still like to try and help nudge Nix in a positive direction if I am able.


If you comment on the GitHub issue to get access, you’ll probably want to click “Unsubscribe” on the right sidebar so you don’t get email notifications for every comment on the issue :joy:


@Infinisil the code of conduct link in the zulip instance seems to be broken.

The link currently points at https://github.com/NixOS/foundation/blob/ec4c538f3e52d07628a937d077c9fa1ad1596286/governance/coc.md

I think maybe the intended target was GitHub - NixOS/foundation: This is the home of the NixOS Foundation


The code of conduct link should start working once it sees approval by the board. It is a different code of conduct from the normal one that applies to the rest of the community; this one is tailored to the purpose of the governance discussions.

(Note that further discussion should go into the discussion meta-thread, not here)


It’s not direct nix contributions, but I’m a minor contributor to Guix and I have a vested interest in the future of Nix.
Contributions: https://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/guix.git/log/?qt=author&q=spacecadet
Email: spacecadet@purge.sh
I would understand if this is not considered sufficient. Thanks for your time.


Contribution: Active here for several years, with many (minor) helpful suggestions including five topics marked as solved by me: Profile - Mapybara - NixOS Discourse

Also, I’ve been on the boards of several non-profit organisations of various sizes from insignificant to million-dollar-a-year turnover.

Email: xtnvfx@ent.re


I hope we get @spacecadet - great to have some cross-fertilisation from guix IMO


Contribution: Mic92 (Jörg Thalheim) · GitHub
Email: joerg@thalheim.io


For GitHub contributions, please use this GitHub issue instead!

All requests above have been addressed, everybody was invited :slight_smile:


I’m not quite sure how low the bar is, but I thought I might as well try and apply. Feel free to use me as an example if you reject me. Be warned, however, I do expect my self-sacrifice to be regarded as evidence for the discussion prior to the next constitutional assembly :wink:

Contribution: I’ve been a semi-active member on this Discourse for ~3 years. (Mostly out of self-interest). I have also opened a few small issues on GitHub, but I have similar doubts there, so I thought I might as well post here first. I have no other qualifications to really speak of.

Email: smkuehnhold@gmail.com


I originally intended to ask a related question on the other thread first before applying, but that thread seems to have been temporarily closed. It was exactly the question I posted (and deleted) here by mistake.

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That seems fine to me, invited!


Contribution: Regular package maintenance
Contribution: Principal maintainer of nixvim

Email: gaetan@glepage.com


@glepage Love nixvim, such a good contribution.

Thanks :+1:

I’m posting a request here as well as I haven’t made any PRs myself, so understand if I don’t qualify…

Contribution: This discourse discussion
Email: dedguy21@gmail.com

…and I’m a real person you can check my GitHub

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@glepage @SeineEloquenz Since your contributions were on GitHub, it would’ve been better to post them in Request for a Zulip account for governance discussion · Issue #143 · NixOS/foundation · GitHub, but it’s fine and you’ve been invited!

@dedguy21 I’m afraid that contribution doesn’t really clear the bar, sorry!

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@Infinisil thanks for the consideration anyway appreciate it. And that you have kept the instance open for anyone to read, just not actively participate, is good enough for me. Appreciate it :+1:


Contribution: Pull requests · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub
Email: cameronleslie@gmail.com

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Contribution: https://www.reddit.com/r/NixOS/comments/tiar2y/thunderbolt_usb_audio_interface_crackling/
Email: 102bend2y@mozmail.com