Zulip for governance discussions

@poplar4039 I’m afraid that contribution doesn’t clear the bar, sorry!

@cbleslie invited! (also seen your application on GitHub)

Fair enough! Thanks for considering.

Contribution: Update the packaged Bazel to 0.3.2, and also make it actually work. by IreneKnapp · Pull Request #19380 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub
Email: ireneista@irenes.space

@Irene invited, should’ve been on github, but :person_shrugging:

I read in the recent announcement that

All future updates will come from the assembly instead, which will be posted to the new assembly announcements Zulip stream

which tracks what was announced here, but I wonder if, for something like announcements, we could at least cross-post here in Discourse, if not outright use Discourse exclusively. I find Zulip’s web interface subpar for announcements, both on desktop and even more on mobile. Plus we already do all sorts of announcements here. I understand the reasoning behind using Zulip for governance discussion, much less so for announcements.